CDS関連学術論文 (2016-1)

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Toshio Kodama, Tosiyasu L. Kunii and Yoichi Seki,"A case study of homotopic BOM information management using the cellular data system", Proceeding of the IEEE World Congress on Computatonal Intelligence (WCCI2016, July.24-29, 2016, Vancouver, Canada), in print, IEEE Xplore and Computer Society digital library, 2016.

In this cloud computing era, great amount of business application system data of various kinds are processed in the 'cloud' as circumstances evolve. But if there is no proper data modeling methodology, data in cloud will be beyond understanding and controllable. We consider the Incrementally Modular Abstraction Hierarchy (IMAH), which is an effective and rigid data model-centered concept of topological modeling that reflects such instant changes in information worlds, to be the most suitable, and we implemented the model as a computing system which is called the Cellular Data System (CDS). In this paper, we take up some examples of BOM (Bill of Materials) information management to demonstrate how to simplify business application data modeling by the use of CDS.