CDS関連学術論文 (2010-2)

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Toshio Kodama, Tosiyasu L. Kunii, and Yoichi Seki, "Staff Assignment Information Management Using the Cellular Data System", CD Proceedings of The 2010 International Conference on Informatics, Cybernetics, and Computer Applications (ICICCA 2010, July 19-21 2010, Gopalan College of Engineering and Management, Bangalore, India), Digital Information Research Foundation, 2010.

In the era of cloud computing, cyberworlds evolve constantly and dynamically where data and data dependencies constantly change. In system development, correspondence to frequent changes in user requirement has become more important. But existing data models are not able to model such dynamically changing information worlds precisely. We consider the Incrementally Modular Abstraction Hierarchy (IMAH) to offer the most appropriate mathematical background to model such information worlds and real worlds, as well, by descending from the abstract level to the specific, while preserving invariants. To validate the mechanism, we designed spaces and maps on each level of IMAH by means of Formula Expression, which is a simple finite automaton, and implemented them. We call the data processing system the Cellular Data System (CDS). In this paper, we have applied CDS to the core logic development of a business application that can be adaptable to unexpected situations: a staff assignment information management system. We then verified that use of CDS simplifies business application development.