CDS関連学術論文 (2003-1)

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Toshio Kodama, Tosiyasu L. Kunii and Yoichi Seki, "Development of a project management system of the whole company and Use of a Cellular Database Management System" [in Japanese], IPSJ SIG Notes, 2003(72) pp.85-92 20030718, Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ), 2003.

The business environments of companies are changing in varied ways today. As for the common basic operation systems of companies, the systems are being developed to optimize each operation function. Although it is very hard to cope with various changes, we have developed a project management system of the whole company which aims at optimizing the entire operation system by building an integrated database and the core of the operation systems that can improve the interoperability of the operation systems and enables a great reduction of the development cost and the maintenance operation cost. At the same time, this project management system achieves the tracking of the project by applying the homotopy theory. Consequently the advantages of this project management system are: 1) Systematic in planned management of a project as much as possible;2) Flexibility in changing operation organizations and business processes. In addition, we show that the cellular database we are developing is more effective than existing traditional databases in the development of this project management system.